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About Maruś

Maruś [Mah’roosh] Wegrzyn has been a leader and visionary in the field of love, intimacy, sex and authentic relating for over ten years. His practice fuses various educational and healing paths, including Cuddle Party Australia, Love Life Coaching and Sensual Healing, providing an integrated and holistic experience for those seeking reconnection to their own personal power within.

Maruś is a human behavioural and sexuality specialist who has invested his life in the constant study and application of multiple modalities serving humanity. He’s developed an original sex positive approach to education and healing that facilitates connections of depth and substance within an individual. His calling to serve others is a reflective service that focuses on the client’s own self-realisations in order to easily and quickly create clarity, simplicity and ‘real life’ integrable solutions.

Maruś serves as a catalyst to inspire and guide his clients into a state of conscious awareness and inner sense of knowing. This freedom from internal dialogue and external content creates a connection to essential self, allowing authentic engagement with all aspects of life. This pivotal point of (re)discovery is the core of celebrating life.

Maruś is a respected and sought after speaker, practitioner and consultant across Australia as well as a mentor for sex educators, instructors, coaches and industry professionals. Some of his many accomplishments include:

  • Private consulting, coaching and associated services to over 1,000 clients to date.
  • Developed an unique specialised bodywork that assist in releasing pelvic body armouring and muscular memory
  • Conductor and collator of multiple humanitarian research initiatives
  • Co-founder of LoveLife Foundation providing inspiration, education and opportunities to love life naturally
  • Creator of the First Annual Australasian Sexual Healer’s Conference in 2009, which led to the establishment of the prestigious Sex and Consciousness Conference, attended by international leaders in the field today.
  • Designed and developed a purpose-built wellness centre, that served as a dedicated space for higher learning, health and healing. (
  • Undertook intensive practitioner training for sexual educators in Arizona, USA in 2008
  • Hosted and facilitated private and public training intensives here in Australia.
  • Member of the global network ‘Sexual Educators United’.
  • Works in collaboration with numerous health and wellness professionals globally on various humanitarian projects.
  • Volunteered for the ‘Here for Life’ project, working towards the prevention of youth suicide.


Why Maruś:

Maruś is a love life consultant/coach, sensual healer and sexual educator for women, men and couples across Australia. He has been conducting research, facilitating workshops and providing personal coaching for over ten years. His unique and holistic approach quickly achieves the outcomes desired by his clients within a safe and supportive environment.

My approach cuts through the content of a situation and takes my clients straight to the core of the challenge they are facing.”

Maruś has a genuine and heartfelt passion for assisting people in the areas of their lives they most seek improvement within. His natural empathy and insightful wisdom is shared with non-judgment and a pure intent that always places his client’s well being first. Maruś is a catalyst and a guide for those sincerely seeking to create change for themselves, their connections and their lives.

I’m all about celebrating life and helping people find their shine from within.”

With his gently guided assistance and nurture, many clients are able to safely extend beyond the comfort zones and limitations that have previously prevented them from experiencing the love and connection they desire. Whilst he specialises in love, intimacy, sex and relationship challenges – he possesses diverse knowledge and experience that facilitates transformation in all areas of life.

When you are ready to face yourself and experience the change you want… I am here to assist you in the process.”

Maruś will encourage you to experience and reconnect with your physical body. Until you are able to achieve this, it remains in your mind as a good idea and not much more. This is the point of difference that Sensual Healing offers. His brand of private personal coaching for women, men & couples includes:

How Maruś will work with you:

Maruś will personally create a unique coaching plan to meet your individual needs. He understands and respects that each person creates their own meaning in life and will work with you towards your personal desires. He uses clear and open communication that allows you to process and learn from your past experiences. You will be guided to identify what is no longer serving your needs or in alignment with your values. You will then be encouraged to learn new ways that will help create the purpose, meaning and connection you desire in your life.

I will guide you towards (re)discovering your own solutions that have always been available to you but you have been able to access.”

How you will work with Maruś:

You are genuinely reaching out for help and you will need to face your fears, limitations and challenges in order to create the life you desire. You can expect to:

  • Make a commitment to yourself – for yourself. This is all about YOU.
  • Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone in order to create the change you want in your life.
  • Decide to stop getting in your own way.
  • Have a clear and specific intention about what it is you want to improve, change, feel or experience.
  • Be prepared to take action for yourself.
  • Be open to receiving what you are calling in.

I guarantee you will see improvements in the areas of yourself that we work on together. What have you got to lose?”

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Maruś frequently travels Australia bringing this much needed education and experiential learning.