Dear Maruś ,

I can’t explain to you how thankful I am for “who” you are and what you have given to me!  The conversation you had with me was so significant; it has been a turning point in my life. It was clear from the start that you really did understand where I am coming from, the thoughts I was having to process, as well as the emotions that I was dealing with. When I had trouble knowing what I needed to move forward… you could see which mountain I was lost on my journey in climbing.  Please feel free to share this message, or post it on your website, I want to share with others this beautiful journey that I have begun.  My message is a little longer then I had thought I would write, but the gift you gave me was greater than I had thought it would ever be.

I left my husband 3 months ago; I was feeling scared, intimidated and didn’t know how I was ever going to rebuild my life after the pain I had experienced.  I had found myself constantly living each day out of my past. I felt tremendous pressure in myself to overcome my mindset, in order to continue with the dreams in my heart (completing BA in Social Science).   I found myself using the past as a reference point for each obstacle I was encountering, leaving me feeling the raw wounds of my reality constantly.  I had thought…. I had to learn how to see past the pain and the disappointment.  The feeling, that I wasn’t enough?  Well this is all changed! And…it has changed so beautifully… through the connection to a Power source (Love) that you revealed to me!

I don’t have to learn to see past the pain at all! This was a surprise. The extent of the pain was due to mindset.   When you said “we are all connected, that the connection is what it is all about”…. The powerful sense of connection you demonstrated raised up a love within me, a love that I am learning can always be there. This is a new start.  Beginning with a love for myself! and then giving out of that to the people within my life. No more giving from empty and coming out dry.

I wanted to try and share with you growth affects I have been experiencing from our conversation.  You had said, “Magnificence is when things get stripped back bear!” you gave new meaning to my journey.  I had not shared with you that I loved to paint however; you passionately encouraged me to get a blank canvas in front of me… encouraging me to paint a new picture, to see that I have the freedom to recreate my own life… to start again.  If I hadn’t been crying before this point… I was now (I had not painted since leaving my husband, it was one of my obstacles).

You reminded and shared with me the power of “mindfulness” and being present in the only time we have which is now.  (I had studied this) but really needed it being done with me, in the way that you did! Your presence is powerful… it was as though you had been standing near me (even though we are in completely different states of Australia).  You guided me to use “my essence” as a reference point (instead of the past)… my soul-who I am…. sharing with me the power the connection we have to one another has.

I learnt from you that loneliness is the result of feeling that I was not enough…. When in actual fact my enough is found in the love that is present in me.  Coming from a paradigm of “Religion” (opposed to the faith in Christ that I personally have)… which was not working for me! I didn’t know what to do.  I hadn’t had a mental framework to help me to mentally process all I am going through.  Now I do.  Remembering you say… “the truth is the Truth… it can’t be anything else”….  Love, acceptance… they are truth…. And I can dwell in this “safe place” that you have not just spoken to me about but shown me how to create… it helped me to mentally paint a new picture for my life.

Love is powerful, and I am a confident believer in what you are sharing with the world! “Insignificance” is a word that is not applicable in Love (to anyone) because Love is expansive, all including, connecting us all… to be one! Your message has provided much healing to me in every way! Thank you so much.

All my Love

April Elizabeth. 30.Sydney Aus


I contacted Maruś Wegrzyn after viewing his website following a cuddle party held in Melbourne earlier in 2013.

I felt that I might have a sex addiction, or at the very least an unhealthy relationship with sex. I was looking for someone to help me clarify the issues at play, particularly those I was unable to see myself. I hoped that after some coaching, I might be able to develop strategies to change my behaviour.

The first session I had with Maruś was 2 hours. I clicked instantly with his approach, and I liked that he started from a base of asking “why”. He asked why I wanted to change, who had made me feel that I needed to – what was it specifically that wasn’t working for me with regard to my behaviour? He challenged every point I raised, and forced me to confront the “why” of every underlying belief and value I held – effectively separating what truly sat comfortably with me from what I thought I “should” change.

The reason that I emphasise this aspect of Maruś  approach is that it makes all the difference between temporary change and lasting change. I have seen therapists previously who didn’t invest the effort in challenging me about my goals and beliefs, and when the change wasn’t coming from the right place it didn’t withstand the pressures of life. When Marus really pushed me to get to the core of what I wanted deep down and why, I felt a strong motivation to maintain this change. I felt more comfortable with my reasons for change.

Maruś  didn’t waste time on too much “content” or “details” of my behaviour. He went straight to the core of the issue by asking me what I was feeling at particular moments in my life rather than what I was thinking or doing. It was probably the first time anyone has really pushed me to separate thinking from feeling. As a lawyer, thinking comes naturally to me, whereas I genuinely struggled to articulate my feelings. This was never better highlighted than when he asked me in my second session to verbalise where I thought my low self-esteem came from. I instinctively tried to describe it in the “third person”, by saying “Well, I think when ‘people’ have certain experiences ‘they’ feel ….” Maruś wouldn’t have a bar of it. He stopped me then and there, insisting that I verbalise in the first person, and refer only to feeling and not thinking. My lightbulb moment came when it took around 5 attempts to succeed at this. It shocked me how unable I was to articulate how I felt. I am good with words and can generally manipulate most people into agreeing with me, but Maruś wouldn’t take it, and it was his incessant challenging and questioning that hit home for me.

Something else that he helped me with was to learn how to “notice” how I was feeling during my behaviour. He taught me to observe what I was feeling physically and emotionally at a given time, and how to relate this to my “moral compass”.

I had expected to need 10-20 sessions, realistically. However sometime after the second session I noticed that I was already applying the strategies I had learnt, and that I was making different decisions without really even consciously trying. I was simply better able to notice when a decision sat comfortably with me, and when it didn’t. It shocked me how much of my behaviour actually didn’t serve me at all, but was solely about giving myself to others because I didn’t feel worthy of making better choices.

At this point I told Maruś  that I felt comfortable to at least take a break from sessions with him to test out my new techniques, given that they seemed to be working. He was completely understanding, and offered to call me to touch base with how I was doing. The feeling I got was that he genuinely cared about the outcome of the work that he did, and that this was so much more than just an income stream to him. It meant a great deal to me.

I am only too happy to recommend Maruś  services to anyone who is struggling to connect with themselves. I have always worked with lawyers and corporate types who were incredibly smart about “thinking”, but for whom “feeling” was a foreign concept. I saw so many marriages fall apart at least partly because these people were so incredibly out of touch with feeling that they were unable to really connect with anyone. Life was about money and excess, and I suspect my own problems began in this little bubble world. I would love to see programs for young lawyers in particular, empowering them with the life skills to connect with themselves, manage their emotions and relationships, and to be able to identify how they’re feeling and when their behaviour is almost dissociative. I imagine Maruś work could be invaluable in the corporate world, but no doubt it has many other applications too. I believe he is touching on an area of life too many of us have neglected or never explored.

Rachel C. 31. Melbourne. Aus


Marus, you are a gifted sculptor who guided me to learn how to use the chizzel to chip away all the layers and fears to get to the core of my issues.

Your presence, energy and loving guidance allowed me to look deep inside and experience amazing realisations and healing.

Thank you for helping me to dive deeply into myself and become more complete.

With gratitude

Oksana. 37. Sydney Aus


I didn’t know what to expect but knew I would get a lot out of the session I had. I was happy to find a great sense of clarity, calm and the ability to ‘let go’ after my journey with Maruś. I would recommend him especially to those whose mind can get in the way of their heart. Enjoy.

Sean. 27. Sydney Aus