Code of conduct

Sensual Healing is a collective of passionate, highly educated and professional facilitators, who operate by our strict Code of Ethics.

We will operate professionally at all times with the highest level of integrity, ethics, respect and compassion.

Sacred space

We are committed to maintaining a safe, fun and playful environment. We strive to maintain our facilitation space in a clear, clean and safe manner.


We will refrain from giving medical advice. Please consult your physician or therapist regarding any current health/psychological issues.


All information about a student is confidential.
Confidentiality within the student group will be acknowledged and expected.

Personal Health

We are committed to good mental and physical health. We will not conduct under the influence of drugs, alcohol, hangover, jetlag or illness.


We are devoted to developing the trust of our students. Through trust comes the development of physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.
Under no circumstances do we exploit our students for physical or financial gain.


We treat ourselves, colleagues and students with respect.
We acknowledge and act upon their expression of boundaries.
We respect and support ages 18+, all races, sexual preferences, spiritual and religious paths.
We encourage our students to respect each other in the same manner.


We respect and have clearly defined student boundaries.

Responsible relationship

We conduct a safe and ethical learning experience for our students.
We recognize that a sexual relationship is not appropriate between teacher and student. We do not encourage or respond to any romantic or sexual intent from students.


We aim to provide an appropriate learning experience for our students.
If a student is unable to participate due to physical or emotional inability we aim to offer an alternative exercise.

Feedback and response/

We appreciate and invite feedback and consider it to be an opportunity to refine our instructional process.
All feedback will be noted and appreciated.