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Sex with Substance

Sex with Substance (due Dec 2012) is the first book in a planned series of works called the Sexpansion Series. The books are educational and empowering self development guides based on ten years of work and research in the field of personal coaching and healing.

The book introduces various concepts that support each individual’s authentic and healthy celebration of love, intimacy and sex. Readers are encouraged and guided to recognise the negative social conditioning of our culture, and consciously release what does not serve them. The book provides ideas and practices that individuals can explore in order to realise a more connected and meaningful sex life.

Sex and sexuality remains a taboo topic that carries tremendous energy and charge for each individual regardless of upbringing and sexual history, including abuse. So many express sexually from a limited sense self and are feeling disconnected from their true sense of self. This often results in a compromise of core values and an emphasis on someone or something outside of the self in order to fill the void within. This void often manifests as being alone, feeling lonely or a sense of disconnection with self or with others.

Sex with Substance works to debunk sexual social conditioning and then provides pathways of personal rediscovery to readers. It aims to assist individuals to reconnect with their true self and begin to express sexually with a sense of innocence, passion and joy. Sex with Substance is all about connecting with self and then with others in more meaningful ways. It is a celebration of self and sex.

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