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Guiding foundational principals around love, intimacy, sex and relating. Assisting those who seek a solid framework and reference point within themselves.



Private sex positive coaching for women, men and couples:

·         Training to become a better lover

·         Heart centred education

·         Experiential learning

·         Hands on instruction

·         Emotional intelligence training

·         Tantra training –  sex practices, massage & bodywork

·         Establishing personal clarity & self awareness

·         Self esteem & confidence building

·         Learning how to have more  meaningful, connected and authentic lovemaking

·         Releasing fears, inhibitions, limitations, judgements in preparing for new love

·         Sensual Healing

·         Sexual Healing



Maruś Wegrzyn [Mah’roosh Weg’rin] is a human behavioural specialist, international educator and LoveLife Consultant. Founder of LoveLife Global, LoveLife Foundation and LoveLife Education.

Maruś has had the privilege of working closely with thousands people internationally helping them to become better lovers, not only in the bedroom, but better lovers of life overall. Specialising in matters of love, intimacy, sex and authentic relating via Sensual Healing and Cuddle Party Australia, extends for more than a decade. He has now broadened his horizons assisting those to achieve greater fulfilment across the 7 key areas of life via Love Cups and the LoveLife Formula(tm), A simple and easy to digest methodology he developed to help conscientious individuals to master mental clarity and harmonise emotional volatility.

Maruś helps individuals flourish forward in life without the emotional baggage of the past, to achieve personal greatness and life fulfilment. His private LoveLife consulting practice provides personally tailored development programs unique to each individual to develop their very own LoveLife Formula via the Love Cups system. The type of teachings wished available that main steam education never provided.

Maruś (father of three magnificent children) lives an inspired life as a creative and visionary entrepreneur always looking at greater ways to assist and serve humanity. He has dedicated 20 years of multidisciplinary studies infused with his thirst for living and first hand life experience in order of cracking the code to celebrating life. Mind you, his life hasn’t been easy, far from it. He has experienced more than your average amount of major life setbacks, filled with hard falls, heartache and difficult to swallow life lessons. Maruś brings to the world a real, raw and revealing truth of ways to embrace and master every aspect in your life. His national tour, the LoveLife Experience, LoveLife Breakthrough Experience and Become a Better Lover retreat commencing 2016.



“Marus, you are a gifted sculptor who guided me to learn how to use the chizzel to chip away all the layers and fears to get to the core of my issues.”

Oksana. 37. Sydney Aus

“I was happy to find a great sense of clarity, calm and the ability to ‘let go’ after my journey with Maruś.”

Sean. 27. Sydney Aus


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