Mission vision and values


To provide a heart centred sexual wellbeing centre supporting conscientious adults
who sincerely want to improve areas of their love life.


To empower individuals with skills and knowledge required to live a fulfilled love life

Set of Values

  1. Self (inc. personal improvement, development & growth)
  2. Peace (humble in your heart)
  3. Love (reciprocate love of self, the world and others)
  4. Fun (to play innocently in a child like manner, pure of intent)
  5. happiness (inner sense of joy deep within)
  6. truth (and the truth shall set you free)
  7. Free will (freedom of choice)
  8. Grace of Time (for stillness, to reflect and contemplate)
  9. Connection (feeling connected to all that is living)
  10. Lead by example, (give to others what you’d love in return)
  11. Equality (pass no judgment)
  12. life (to feel alive and present right here, right now)
  13. gratitude (always give thanks for anything & everything)
  14. Strive to improve ~ push the boundaries ~ live without fear
  15. Always go to the core of the challenge
  16. Only set positive outcomes.