Sacred Intimate

What is a Sacred Intimate?

By  Beth Morgan

Friday, 20 March 2009

A Sacred Intimate interacts with you in a way that provides an opportunity for you to learn something about yourself erotically.

For the moment, please notice that the SI does not provide the experience. He or she provides the opportunity for you to have an experience.

What’s the difference? Experience is what happens inside your skin. What the SI does with you happens outside your skin. We provide guidance, interaction, often touch and sometimes intimacy, but how you experience all that within yourself – that is up to you. As an analogy, I can hand you a gift, but it’s up to you to open the package and take it.

An SI can, and the more skilled of us generally do, help you learn how to bring the events outside your skin (often our touch) inside your skin – how to deepen your enjoyment of it, take it into your heart, discover some new inner territory, find some insight or healing within your self.

Individual SI’s, like all people, make their own choices about what particular activities to engage in with any particular person at any particular time. So that may be anywhere from a conversation about what’s on your mind regarding your sexual life, to teaching you how to teach your husband how to touch you, to tantric or Taoist techniques for extended pleasure, to a healing massage, to a romantic sexual encounter.

The point is your own learning, healing, development, exploration, nourishment, discovery.

There’s not really any precedent for it in our culture, that I know of. You have a therapist, maybe even a sex therapist, but he’s not going to touch you. You have a massage therapist, but she’s not going to ask how you feel the arousal from different kinds of touch. You have an escort, but she’s not likely to guide you any deeper into yourself than you already know how to go. Chances are she’s going to go along with whatever your habit is. You have a lover perhaps, but he has his own desires – not only for your play together, but for your relationship. You have a coach but she’s not comfortable talking about your sex life. Maybe you have a spiritual guide or counselor, but chances are he doesn’t know how to integrate sexual and spiritual experience. What you need is a Sacred Intimate!

Because there’s nothing else quite like it, and because each individual SI sets her or his own course, it’s often difficult for people to imagine how on earth it fits into their ideas of sexuality. Well, for most people it doesn’t fit, because the files drawers in your mind have no place for it yet. Hopefully, as we go along here, you’ll create some new file drawers.

The very very short version of how I came to do this work is that I was already in the healing arts, and as I grew more comfortable and knowledgeable about sexuality, because of my own personal explorations, I was able to add it to what I could help people with.

Another short version is that we often teach what we most need to learn, and my work as a Sacred Intimate has been incredibly healing and growth-producing for me. It is a challenging path, but a deeply satisfying one. I would not trade it for the world.