Love Life Core Coaching –

Getting from ‘Content to Core’.

We create the time for you to delve deeper beyond the often repetitious and confusing thought cycles (content).   We rest your exhausted mind constantly trying to work out new solutions for inner peace and clarity (core).

Quenching and nourishing your souls thirst. Together, we will discover the exact source from where this thirst lies and how you can tap into it yourself when in need.

This is all about the love and rediscovering your natural shining spirit within again. Experience how your heart speaks to you and how you can actually to listen to it as your guide.

will guide you towards (re)discovering your ‘own’ solutions that have always been available to you though you haven’t been able to access. There is NO hiding from this one. You can hide from everyone else but you can’t hide from yourself. If you’ve had enough… and ready to drop the mask, step up to yourself and tap back into the true essence of self then this one is definitely for you.  The process is quick, efficient and extremely effective.

Know who you are!


Body belief and relief – This is no doubt one of Sensual Healings finest services. A hands on experiential journey delving more deeply into self. This reconnecting body work allows you to immerse back into your body, free from the mind chatter. You will be guided to gently gaze inwardly and really feel what your body has to share with you.

Often great for emotional release and shifting energetic blockages.

You may be feeling disconnected from listening to what your body is telling you and often ‘think’ for a solution in order to feel what your body is naturally telling you.

You sometimes forget about taking care and nurturing your body, the very vehicle that carries your spirit, day to day and serves you well. Time to nurture your self is Now.   Like anything else, your body needs a good maintenance service from time to time. When was your last?

Synchronised Sexuality

An open platform straight from the heart, that provides you with the freedom to communicate and discover what you always wanted or would still love to know about expressing your authentic sexual self.  An opportunity to overcome your biggest challenges or simply expand and improve on your current repertoire. Intimacy and sex coaching – Instruction and guidance for singles or couples seeking to fully celebrate sex and sensuality by combining holistic sexual energetic practices together with emotional awareness. All within a self-directed and experiential learning environment. Freely explore your sexual self that is safe, supportive and structured specifically to your request.

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