LOOK NO FURTHER! You’ve just found exactly what you are looking for! Sensual Healing is here to help you with all your sexual education and personal development needs.

I am thrilled to share with you the First loving Sexual Education/Wellbeing Centre. This is an exciting amalgamation of the Health & Wellbeing industry together with the sex industry. Until Now, these two modalities have been completely separate. Leaving a grey area and no support for those who genuinely seek to improve and develop them selves in areas of love, intimacy, connection and sex. Never before have the two come together where a conscientious individual or couple can happily and safely come to a place to celebrate their desire to learn more about their intimate self. Sensual Healing has changed the way how sex education is now available for those who choose to over come their limitations/ boundaries and improve their sex skills.

Welcome to Sensual Healing – healthy sex positive education. My name is Maruś (pronounced Mah’roosh) I’m your personal Love & Intimacy Coach. Sex Educator and Instructor

  • Learn how to be genuinely happy within and have a love life that is truly meaningful
  • Discover how to have long lasting pleasure in you body
  • Honour your hearts true desires. Learn to be more loving for your self and towards others
  • Curious about sensual healing?